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Borrowing Privileges for Audio-visual Materials

  • The multimedia resources in the area are mainly on open display and readers can freely browse and select the materials they want. Those with a school employment ID, student ID or a library card issued by the university library may borrow materials.
  • Children 12 years old and below must be accompanied by a parent at all times while viewing and listening to materials within the library.
  • When borrowing multimedia materials, please abide by the relevant provisions of the Copyright Law. Offenders shall bear legal responsibility.
  • Borrowing/returning multimedia materials shall be handled by the area’s service desk. Do not return materials via the library book return slots.
  • Limits on borrowing multimedia items based on type of reader


Item Limit

Loan Period

Faculty and dependents



Part-time faculty

NTUE students

Faculty of the Affiliated Elementary School of NTUE and dependents

Retired NTUE faculty

NTUE alumni holding an alumni library card

For viewing in the library only

Holders of an interlibrary card from one of the nine education universities

The limits on number of items borrowed and loan periods via a dependent card are the same as the primary card and will be calculated as part of the total number of items borrowed on the primary card.

Procedures for borrowing multimedia resources

  • Please choose the resources you would like to borrow from the collection on display and present a valid document, such as an NTUE ID card or library card.
  • Some materials are limited to in-library viewing only. These materials may be borrowed by teaching staff for educational purposes by filling out the appropriate forms at the service desk.
  • For in-library viewing, please prepare a valid document to borrow the materials, take a number and find your seat accordingly. Each person may use the viewing space for up to 2 hours, but this time may be extended when there are no other patrons waiting. If you leave your seat for a period of over 30 minutes, your seat will be given to other library patrons by the library staff.