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Copyright Statement

The multimedia resources in the library are divided into the “public version” and “home version”. The “public version” materials may be viewed within the library or the university classrooms and can be checked out to be viewed at home. The “home version” materials may only be checked out to be viewed at home.

Public Version Materials

  • Public version materials within the library collection are classified as “general broadcast” and are only authorized to be viewed within the library or the university classrooms. This does not include single viewings for school events. If you would like to play videos for an event, the Intellectual Property Bureau recommends contacting the vendor to verify the available scope of use of the video or obtaining authorization to broadcast the video in order to avoid conflicts regarding intellectual property rights.
  • The boxes containing multimedia resources are marked with a yellow sticker or contain a broadcast authorization indicating that the resource is legally authorized to be played.

Home Version Materials

  • Home version materials may only be viewed at home and may not be used within the library. Viewing materials within the library is a type of public broadcasting behavior. Viewing home version materials in public venues may be considered a violation of public screening rights.
  • These materials are labelled with stickers stating “only available for borrowing”.