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Thesis & Dissertation Submission

1.Link to the Electronic Thesis & Dissertation System

 **fill in your account and password to log in. (Thesis & Dissertation Submission Instructions (2022/7)

Online Video Introduction


 **You might have Account/PW that  was set up through your department office.

(1)step1: Key in

(2)step2: Upload

One complete Thesis/Dissertation file MUST be supplied as follows:

• Convert the Word files to a single PDF file.

• Add  NTUE's watermark .

• Set up document security for PDF file.

(3)step3: Print out & upload authorization letter

(4)step4: Submit

2.Waiting for the audit result

(1)Reject: Please refer to the email for disapproval reasons, and submit again after correction.

(2)Pass: Make 2 copies of your signed authorization letter, insert only school's into each Thesis/Dissertation, right before the thesis approval form, and then get them bound.

3.Library Procedures:(Processing will begin upon department’s approval.)

(1)All borrowed books should be returned, and overdue fees paid in full.

(2)Submit 2 copies of authorization letters of the Thesis / Dissertation ( NTUE Library and National Central Library) with your handwritten signature(NOT Using E-Signature). 

(3)Submit 3 copies of printed Thesis / Dissertation. (binding: paperback with glossy coating, A4 size)


Thesis & Dissertation Components:

Thesis & Dissertation Components Numbered 

 1.Cover and spine (★only for printed copies)

 2.Title Page

 3.Copy of your signed authorization letter(for school only )(only for

   printed copies)

4.Copy of thesis approval form (only for printed copies)


 NOT numbered

 single-sided printing

 6.Abstract & Keywords (Chinese)     

 7.Abstract & Keywords (English)

 8. Table of Contents

 9.List of Tables

 10.List of Figures

 numbered “i,ii,iii…...”

 single-sided printing

 11.Main Text



numbered “1,2,3…….”

exceeds 80 pages: double-sided  printing

less than 80 pages: single-sided printing  and each starting page is not limited to a single page

 14.Back cover   NOT numbered