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Library Guide

Organization and layout

 The organization of NTUE Library is divided into five divisions: 1. Acquisition and Cataloging 2. Serials 3. Reference and Extension 4. Circulation and Collection 5. Information Technology.
 NTUE Library has seven stories, which cover an area of 63,000 sq. ft. and offer more than 700 reading seats. The first floor consists of four areas: Circulation desk, Young Readers’ Collection , and the librarians’ offices. The second floor is designed as Serials Area, which displays journals in Mandarin and foreign languages. Reference books and Dissertation section are located on the third floor. Reference counter, Multimedia Resources Area and Section of Elementary and Secondary Curriculum Materials are situated on the fourth floor. Floors five to seven are mainly used as books stacks. The library’s main collection is stored between floors five to seven.


 The library has approximately 510,000 volumes of books under the categories of Education, Psychology, History, and Children’s Illustration Books. The comprehensive elementary curriculum materials and Japanese ancient books are the main features of the library’s collection. In addition, the library has more than 22,000 units of various sorts of multimedia materials and about 460,000 titles of E-books. Furthermore, the library also provides On-line Databases, including full-text databases and free access databases.


 The focus of the library would be in accordance with the development of the University. For example, a new collection of books and other resources will be added for a newly set-up faculty. The library will also enhance academic research by supporting teachers and students with state-of-art information services.