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Request for Library Multimedia Resources Area

The area provides multimedia viewing seats (for individuals, pairs and groups), desktop computers (for information searching), group-viewing room, discussion rooms and resource promotion room for university faculty and students to utilize multimedia resources authorized for public screening. The viewing of private materials or materials not authorized for public screening is strictly prohibited.

Multimedia Viewing Seats/Desktop Computers (for information searching)

  • The multimedia viewing seats and desktop computers are “first come, first served” and may not be reserved in advance.
  • First, select the materials you would like to view from the collection on display, present a valid identification document to the service desk to check the item out, take a number and take your seat accordingly.

Group-viewing room/Discussion room/Resource Promotion Room

  • Group-viewing rooms, discussion rooms and resource promotion room can be reserved for use up to two weeks in advance via the online reservation system.
  • Please go to the service desk 15 minutes before the reservation time and leave identification documents equivalent to the number of people using the room as collateral.
  • For those who have made a reservation 3 times and have not shown up will have their reservation rights suspended for 3 months.
  • If you need to cancel a reservation, please call the service desk or ask the staff at the service desk located on the 4th floor for assistance in person.