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NTUE-NTNU One-Card Service

NTUE-NTNU One-Card Service

In order to provide abundant resources and facilitate the use of library, National Taiwan Normal University (NTUE) library cooperates with National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) library and provides the interlibrary loan service with one-card for full-time faculty, staff and enrolled students.


The following members of both universities may apply for this service:

  1. Full-time faculty and administrative staff.
  2. Master’s program students, Ph.D. program students, and undergraduate students who are currently in school.


  1. Before the visit and use, readers need to apply for this service online first.
  2. Prior to use the service, readers shall have the right to loan books and agree to provide personal information to NTNU library for account setting.
  3. Then readers can borrow books from the library with NTUE ID card when the permission of NTNU library is opened.

Circulation Rules

  1. Quantity: 5 books.
  2. Loan period: 30 days (reservation and renew are unavailable)
  3. What items are available for borrowing is decided by the NTNU library.
  4. Late return and lost items: readers should follow the regulations set by the NTNU library.
  5. Readers should return the books they borrowed from NTNU library by themselves before the due date.
  6. Readers cannot have this services due to the following reasons that they have objected NTUE library regulations, leave school, resign from school, and have been terminated to borrow items from NTUE library.
  7. Readers should pay overdue fines or apply compensation in NTNU if they have overdue or lost the borrowed items. Readers cannot go on leaves of absence or leave school if they have overdue fines or lost the borrow items.
  8. For things not mentioned here, please follow the regulations of both libraries.

If you agree to the above and agree to authorize the NTUE library to provide your personal information to the library of NTNU, please click on the link below to fill in the application form.

Note: If you violate the libraries’ rules and regulations during interlibrary service, both libraries have the right to terminate your borrowing rights.


Online application